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Sagittarius and Sagittarius make a good partnership. Together their main priority is to enjoy life and have fun. They crave excitement and love going to new places and meeting new people. They also love the thrill and pleasure of discovering what makes the other one tick.

Sagittarius on their own enjoy experimenting with different foods and experiencing other cultures, so it is hardly surprising that these two will spend most of their time travelling together. They are sociable, friendly and open-minded. They are the life and soul of any party and have no shortage of friends.

Sagittarius are known to be frivolous and may even come across as somewhat superficial, there needs to be full commitment shown when paired together or there could be a danger of them eventually drifting apart. Sagittarius couples need to do things together or not at all.

Sagittarius is very kind and caring towards other people and therefore to each other. They can be quick to anger but this seldom lasts between them. Sagittarius does get bored easily and this may sometimes make them feel tempted to wander, however they can also be faithful to their chosen partner with whom they will show utmost loyalty towards.

Sagittarius needs to guard against rushing into things without thinking things through and planning carefully. They are loving and supportive of each another, and will each guide one another through thick and thin, good times as well as bad. Sagittarius has a lot to offer each other and can be best of friends as well as great lovers.

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