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There is nearly always good chemistry between Pisces and Sagittarius with both signs being of kind and loving in nature. At first the quiet and withdrawn Pisces will be a bit wary of the more flighty and energetic Sagittarius but Sagittarius will soon bring the dreamy Pisces out of their shell.

Together they work well as a team, Pisces is fascinated with Sagittarius' passion and determination, which gives Pisces the drive to turn dreams into reality. They both love the arts and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them. Unsurprisingly then they will enjoy travelling to new and interesting places and experiencing different cultures.

Pisces may become frustrated at times with Sagittarius being restlessness and their unwillingness to settle, Pisces longs for a secure and steady home whereas Sagittarius has a tendency for itchy feet and will always wonder if the grass is always greener. However Sagittarius does have the ability to balance loyalty and independence and this partnership can last long term with both signs being trustworthy, reliable and honest with each other.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility
Pisces Love Compatibility

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