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Sagittarius and Libra may have their differences yet they have the potential for a great relationship. Both have shared interests and a mutual understanding of each others wants and needs. They both crave excitement and adventure and enjoy travelling and exploring new places together.

Libra is attracted to the extroverted behaviour of Sagittarius and in turn Sagittarius appreciates the fun loving nature of Libra. Together they are seldom bored, both have high imaginations and will enjoy creating new ideas and making plans to build a better future.

Libra is known to be sensitive and can be easily hurt so Sagittarius will need to curb their sharp tongue at times, however Libra has a forgiving nature and though tempers may flare both will often agree to disagree.

Sagittarius prefers the direct approach and likes to be practical whereas Libra tends to be more emotional in matters of the heart, Libra may sometimes come across as controlling to Sagittarius however if both take time to listen to each other, this could be a well balanced relationship in every aspect.

Libra does have the tendency to change their minds often, and can come across as indecisive and unsure, they do not like to be pushed, therefore they are usually more comfortable around the tolerant and flexible Sagittarius.

With their strong chemistry and well matching traits, Libra and Sagittarius both have what it takes to form a meaningful and long lasting relationship as best friends as well as lovers.

Libra Love Compatibility
Sagittarius Love Compatibility

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