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With both Libra and Pisces being affectionate and caring this could be a match made in heaven. Both are very romantic and will enjoy many a cosy night in together curled up in front a warm fire.

Being a sociable sign Libra likes nothing better than going out mixing with people but Pisces wanting the quieter life could have a problem with Libra wanting to dance the night away. Libra loves nothing better than showing off and if they're madly in love will want to parade their partner about town, whereas Pisces tend to be more secretive.

However this relationship can work well, the selfless and kind Pisces being sympathetic and the Libra being diplomatic and changeable. With both signs being easily influenced they will both be able to find it easy to give and take.

Highly tolerant of each other they will be able to sort out most difficulties they may come across in their relationship.

Libra Love Compatibility
Pisces Love Compatibility

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