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When Libra meets another Libra the same positive qualities the two share often lead to an almost instant attraction. They are drawn to their mutual sociable, friendly and easy going personalities. Libras will go out of their way to please one another always remaining loyal and faithful.

Their positive traits may be what holds their relationship together, however the negative qualities they share can also cause problems between the two. Libra will avoid conflict at any cost and both of them together could allow a problem in a relationship to fester, ignoring it and eventually creating a wide rift between the pair. They will need to openly discuss issues that affect them if they want this relationship to last. Decisions however difficult need to be made by both as Libra has a tendency to bury their heads in the sand.

This relationship between two Libras is though one of the most well balanced relationships of the zodiac. Neither will try to dominate the other and both will always listen and give their full support to their partner. They both believe in fairness and justice and often you will find them fighting for causes and supporting charities when they team up.

Libra and Libra find each other charming and delightful company. Together they will often have a wider circle of friends and will not have a problem fitting their social life in with their own personal life. They want to live life to the full and will enjoy exploring and travelling to new and exotic places. Together they discover that they share the same values and have common goals and when in love will persevere in building a strong committed relationship with each other.

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