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Some signs of the zodiac are more compatible than others, such as Sagittarius and Leo. As soon as they meet they will hit it off straight away. Leo is lured by the fun and laughter that exudes from Sagittarius and Sagittarius is attracted by the loving warm nature of Leo. They are both immediately drawn to each other by each others enthusiasm and love of life.

Together they are the life and soul of any party. Sagittarius is content just to enjoy the moment, and will be more than happy to allow Leo to take centre stage which Leo is only too pleased to do. Both Sagittarius and Leo are popular and tend to have a wide circle of friends. They both love to socialise and usually share an active lifestyle.

Sagittarius flirtatious behaviour can sometimes bring out the green eyed monster of jealous Leo and this could be made worse by Sagittarius not taking Leos feelings too seriously. Sagittarius just wants to have fun and be adventurous but they also need to take Leos feelings into consideration. Though Sagittarius may grow bored by having to stroke Leos ego constantly. However both are as passionate with each other as they are about life and most problems can be overcome by being understanding and appreciating each other.

Leo is influenced by the lighter side of Sagittarius and becomes more understanding of the need for Sagittarius to aim high in life. Sagittarius may have urges to wander but once they see the attraction of a stable and secure relationship that Leo has to offer they are only to happy to settle down. The relationship becomes well balanced with Leo building a solid foundation for their home life and Sagittarius adding variety and excitement to keep their passion from dying out.

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