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For Leo and Libra, it's often a case of love at first sight when these two meet. Leo admires Libra's charm and popularity and Libra is attracted to the self-confidant and straight talking Leo.

Leo and Libra both share the love of parties, and usually have a wide circle of friends. They are not the type to stay at home for long. Together they are also high achievers with both longing for the high life, they appreciate beauty and luxury.

Libra, being tolerant, has the ability to calm Leo's flamboyant and somewhat hectic ways and allows Leo their independence and freedom. This is appreciated by Leo who does not like being told what to do. Though Libra tends to be the one who makes the final decisions.

Libra is usually more liberal minded than Leo who usually has a dogmatic approach to life, yet these traits are evenly balanced between the two, living their dreams but also thinking things through carefully and in a practical manner. They work well together and will more often than not succeed in what they do.

Leo and Libra both admire each other's beauty and charm; they will enjoy romancing each other. If they both keep their relationship at an even balance by giving and taking from each other, this can be a long lasting union between the two signs.

Leo Love Compatibility
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