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When two Leos meet there is an instant attraction. Leos admire the reflective image of each of their own traits in the other. Loving and warm natured, neither Leo will be afraid to express their feelings openly to each other. Leos are fiercely loyal and protective and when together will support each other through thick and thin.

Leo loves nothing better than to take centre stage, they are proud and will boast about their achievements to anyone who will listen. Problems may arise if one Leo receives more attention than the other. Both Leos will have to guard against being envious or jealous of the other. However this could be a very positive aspect in the relationship if both Leos can learn to work together. Highly competitive and determined, they can become more imaginative and creative with each driving the other towards their common goal.

When two Leos are together they form a strong united bond but this can just as easily break if these two fiery lions clash. Both head strong and stubborn, neither will want to back down in an argument. Leo has the tendency to dominate in a relationship and each will try and control the other. This may make reconciliation difficult but not impossible. Leo's strong will and determination to make their relationship work will overcome most problems and setbacks. They will both have to learn to listen, respect and value each others opinion.

This relationship can go either way, happiness and contentment or despair and distrust; there is no in between with a Leo. When in love, they are deeply passionate, caring and loyal to each other. They will do everything to make sure that their relationship lasts forever with nothing to stand in their way.

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