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There is a strong attraction between Pisces and Gemini from the start with both finding the other enchanting. Pisces is attracted to the friendly, sociable Gemini and Gemini adores the gentle, quiet nature of Pisces. Both Pisces and Gemini will find plenty to talk about and will keep each other amused with entertaining stories.

Pisces and Gemini are both dreamers, however Gemini prefers to be more practical before doing anything rash, this creates a good combination for both to bring forth new and fresh ideas, as both signs are creative and highly imaginative.

The downside to this relationship is that Pisces needs more emotional stability in their lives than Gemini is usually willing to offer. The freedom loving Gemini may start to grow bored, however if Pisces can convince Gemini that the grass isn't always greener on the other side than there is no reason why these two can't settle down together.

Pisces may grow frustrated with Gemini showing two different sides of their personality, feeling that they blow hot and then cold. Gemini also needs to guard against making flippant, harsh remarks as Pisces can be easily hurt. Gemini however does have a more sensitive side and this enables them to be caring and nurturing towards their partner, which will appeal to Pisces who needs to feel loved.

Neither Gemini nor Pisces will try and dominate the other, both preferring to go with the flow to keep the peace. Therefore many disagreements are quickly solved by compromise from both sides, this is an equal relationship in many aspects. In time, if both Pisces and Gemini make the effort to understand each what the other needs then this could build into a strong enduring relationship.

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