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When Gemini falls in love with another Gemini there is plenty of adventure and romance. There is strong chemistry between these two. As well as physical attraction, they find each other intellectually stimulating, amusing and entertaining. Together they love to try out anything new and interesting including each other!

Sometimes there is a clash of wills between Geminis; they love to outshine the other with witty repartee. Gemini enjoys debate and has a tendency to interrupt whilst the other is talking. This could lead to problems in a full-blown argument with neither Gemini listening to what the other has to say. Good communication is needed here and both need to learn to respect each other's opinion.

Gemini may find their relationship exciting but in time there is a danger of them both starting to grow bored of each other's frivolous behaviour. A Gemini can also become increasingly jealous if the other one becomes consistently flirtatious towards others.

Either way their relationship could be too hectic or too monotonic and predictable. Gemini needs to curb their impatience and restlessness and learn to move towards commitment instead of running away from it.

However Gemini and Gemini have a very good chance of having a long term and fulfilling relationship together. Once they realise that their feelings for each other are genuine and sincere they have the ability to adapt and remain faithful and loyal to each other for life. In time they come to realise that they have a lot to gain from their relationship. Both are versatile and understand each other's need for time and space as well as emotional commitment. Best friends as well as lovers, they both know that it's important to give as well as to take in any relationship.

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