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Gemini and Capricorn together is a very interesting combination.

These two signs have opposing personalities, which can often lead to tempers flaring with the steady Capricorn getting frustrated with Gemini's indecisive and flighty personality. A Gemini loves to fantasize whereas Capricorn is a realist who likes to keep both feet firmly on the ground.

However in time once they sort out their differences, these two can learn a lot from each other, Gemini will come to understand Capricorns value of quality rather than quantity. Gemini in turn can teach Capricorn to be more free and easy going.

They will seldom be bored with each other, both having intellectual curiosity as well as intense chemistry. In the long term they have the ability to produce power, money and if they work at it, could enjoy a lifetime relationship together.

Gemini Love Compatibility
Capricorn Love Compatibility

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