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When two Capricorns meet they will instantly either like or dislike each other. There is however, mutual admiration between the two. Capricorns are highly ambitious and have the willpower to succeed in whatever they do, including in relationships. They will keep their distance at first, each watching the other closely before boldly making a move. If one is rebuffed however they will not try again.

Capricorn appreciate and have respect for one another. They will give each other the love and support and will do everything they can to make sure their relationship runs smoothly. They can appear to be detached on the outside but both understand that this is just a protective front and both know their love for each other runs deep.

Capricorn pairs can also be stubborn and this could cause problems if neither back down in a disagreement. Both tend to be domineering which could lead to a power struggle between the pair. Capricorn need to be patient with each other and communication is important from both for this relationship to last in the long term. They both also need to lighten up and stop taking themselves so seriously and bring more fun and romance into their relationship together.

Faithful and loyal to the very end, Capricorns know that they can trust and rely on each other. Once a commitment is made, they will dedicate their lives towards building a safe, secure and steady relationship. Both know what they want and know how to achieve it. This is one of the better partnerships whether it is romance, friendship or just plain business.

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