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When they first meet, Cancer and Virgo will both appear to be quiet and withdrawn. It will take some time before the shy Cancer takes to the seemingly aloof Virgo. These two signs are usually typical of a relationship that starts as friendship growing into something deeper.

Once these two get to know each other more, the Cancer will warm to the kindness and thoughtfulness of Virgo, who is will only be too pleased to offer advice. Virgo appreciates the gentle, loving side of Cancer. Cancer being the dreamer of the two can teach Virgo to appreciate fine art and the beauty of life whereas Virgo in turn can show Cancer how to be more realistic and practical.

Problems in the relationship may occur with Virgos being perfectionists and could at times come across as overly harsh to the more sensitive Cancer. However, these two signs have the same goal; they seek a good, steady domestic life. And with both being genuine, reliable and affectionate, Cancer and Virgo will make good partners for life.

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