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The intense chemistry Cancer and Pisces have between them means this pair will hit it off straight away. Both being compassionate, kind and selfless, they have a mutual understanding of each other's wants and needs.

Pisces and Cancer also have a lot of commonly shared interests; both are lovers of music, art and theatre and will spend time together exploring and discovering the outside world. Pisces and Cancer are romantics and tend to allow their heart to rule their heads; some practicability is needed from both signs to make sure their feet stay on the ground.

Both signs are highly emotional and prone to moodiness, which can, unsurprisingly, lead to tempers flaring from time to time. However these traits are quickly overcome by the sensitivity, caring and nurturing aspects that both Cancer and Pisces show for each other.

Pisces and Cancer are home and family orientated but they may differ on what to bring into the home, Cancer loves the home comforts that Pisces may see as too materialistic, therefore some compromise is what is needed. Cancer also needs to guard against being too pushy as this may drive Pisces away. Pisces also needs to be careful not to be too withdrawn, as any secrecy will only feed the insecurities of Cancer.

Overall Pisces and Cancer the love and devotion have for each other knows no boundaries and will form a strong bond that will last for a very long time.

Cancer Love Compatibility
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