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Cancer and Libra may not seem a likely match from the start however it is their very different traits that bring these two together. Both are fascinated and intrigued and share a mutual attraction as soon as they meet.

At first the Cancer may worry that Libra is not serious or too keen on a relationship. Libra loves to party and Cancer much prefers to stay at home in familiar surroundings. However Libra does have a romantic side, which satisfies the sentimental Cancer.

Cancer can sometimes come across as over emotional and needy but the nurturing and caring Libra balances this by fixating on their relationship. In time Cancer grows less insecure thus giving Libra the space that they need sometimes. This makes for a well-balanced relationship.

Communication is the main key in this relationship, both dislike conflict and neither will want to be first to rock the boat however they do need to be more expressive in sorting out any problems if they want the relationship to develop further. Any hidden feelings of anger could lead to discontent in the long run.

Cancer and Libra share a common bond between them, they are lovers of peace and harmony and as long as they make compromises with each other their relationship will continue to thrive leading to an enduring romance.

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