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Cancer and Leo are both romantics and sentimental at heart and with their passionate natures their relationship will hold no boundaries. Leo appreciates Cancers calm, quiet nature and Cancer is attracted to the warm hearted and lovable side to Leo.

Cancer craves security and Leo needs to guard against coming across as arrogant and needs to give plenty of reassurance to the more sensitive Cancer. Problems may also occur if Cancer comes across as too needy and independent which Leo could start becoming bored with.

Cancer and Leo actually have a lot to learn from each other, Leo builds up the confidence of shy Cancer as they learn to be more fun loving and out going and Cancer in turn teaches Leo the value of having a secure and stable relationship.

Cancer and Leo at first may seem to have completely different traits and values but these two signs are both after the same goal and that is to have a loving, fulfilling relationship that will endure through the bad times as well as the good times.

Cancer Love Compatibility
Leo Love Compatibility

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