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As soon as two Cancers meet, their feelings of love can be very intense and passionate. Cancer have the tendency for very strong emotions, yet at first they will be wary as learning to trust each other is vital to them before making any kind of commitment.

Cancer are romantics and when in love, like nothing better than having cosy nights in with their partner. Home life is important and they will put much effort into building a comfortable, secure home for themselves and their family. They are idealistic and will strive to make things perfect for each other.

Cancer needs security and reassurance that they are well and truly loved or they will become suspicious, withdrawn and may even end the relationship without even giving a reason why. It is important for Cancer pairs to learn to communicate with each other to prevent any breakdown in the relationship. Cancer are both deeply sensitive and they will nearly always put their partner first and foremost before anything or anyone else.

Cancer have the tendency for moodiness and their emotions can go from one extreme to another in an instant. At times this may destroy any peace and harmony inside this relationship. If both Cancers becomes depressed and pessimistic, this could cause them to drive the other away as both of them want to feel wanted and loved. However on a positive note, Cancer has great empathy and this very trait could bring out the caring, nurturing side of either Cancer, making them more understanding of their partners needs.

Cancer crave love and affection and this they will give to each other in abundance. Cancer can both be demanding and need to guard against feelings of jealousy and resentment but once they are reassured that their partner is the right one for them they will hold on to their loved one for life. Two Cancers together can be one of the best pairings of the Zodiac.

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