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With Libra and Aries both being totally opposite, they may be slightly wary of each other at first. Yet once they begin to know each other a little better they soon learn that their very traits actually complement each other.

Libra and Aries posses traits that the other one lacks. The enthusiastic Aries will dive in headfirst whereas the more cautious Libra will ponder and want to weigh the pros and cons before making a next move. Here they can learn so much from each other. Libra teaches Aries that is wiser to plan ahead and Aries teaches Libra to be more daring and adventurous. Libra will also adore the strong passion of Aries and Aries is attracted to the positive attitude of Libra.

The relationship between Aries and Libra is amazing when good but challenging when bad. Libra just wants peace and harmony, avoids conflict whenever possible yet Aries loves to debate and can be headstrong. Once Aries has made a decision they will tend to stick to it whereas Libra is more liberal minded. A little give and take is what is needed for both signs to reach a compromise.

Libra and Aries have a similar trait in that they both love to get out and about.

When Libra and Aries learn to understand each other and come to accept each other's differences this can make for a perfect relationship as both have so much to give to one another. There will always be a strong emotional attraction between Libra and Aries.

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