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When Leo and Aries meet, sparks will fly between the two. Aries admires the strength and courageous nature of Leo and Leo is enthralled with the adventurous and daring Aries. They soon discover that they both share the same fiery passion of living life to the full.

Leo and Aries have similar likes and dislikes, they both enjoy the outdoors, love partying and meeting new people as well as visiting new places. They are highly energetic, positive thinkers and believe in doing things together and working as a team. They can quite often become successful if these two are put together in a working environment.

Leo and Aries may think alike but both being individualistic they still allow each other personal space and freedom from time to time. They are both competitive and tempers could flare as each tries to dominate the other. Yet Leo and Aries have a genuine admiration and respect for each other that arguments tend to be short lived.

Aries will put their partners high on a pedestal, which the Leo finds alluring, yet any constant demands for attention will quickly bore Aries. Leo needs to guard against pushing Aries too far. Aries also has the tendency to be reckless which at first is what Leo found so attractive, may start to become tiresome. If both Leo and Aries agree to meet in the middle they can actually learn a great deal from each other.

Aries and Leo together are a good match and from a strong union as they are both persistent and determined to make things happen. They have what it takes to form an everlasting relationship and with the love and devotion that they have for each other, this they wont find hard to do.

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