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This pairing is both well matched on an intellectual and spiritual level. These two will have many stimulating conversations and will almost certainly never be stuck for words. Both Gemini and Aries are fun-loving and carefree and will enjoy many crazy and wild adventures together.

Gemini will be excited by the Aries dynamic and confident personality, the Aries also appreciate Gemini liveliness and good humour.

Aries tend to be more courageous and though both signs tend to be enthusiastic, a nervous Gemini may find the Aries a bit too impulsive for their liking. Aries can also be quick tempered and rather selfish which may become a problem for the more laid back Gemini to live with.

However as Gemini can be flexible and also cunning, this relationship can work with both signs being able to adapt and fit into each others lifestyle.

Aries Love Compatibility
Gemini Love Compatibility

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