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As they say opposites attract, people will look on the outside of this relationship and wonder why these two are together. The Aries being out spoken and confident against the quieter and seemingly shyer Cancerian.

At first the Cancerian may find an Aries an exciting and interesting character and as for the Aries they will look upon a Cancerian as having a quieter, less impulsive quality they so desperately seek in themselves.

Aries tend to over dominate without realising and Cancerians will hold things back until they explode which then could create a full blown argument. However this can be overcome with communication and talking over things with each other before this happens.

After some time the Aries may start becoming bored with the Cancerians moodiness and clinginess, whereas in time the Cancerian may find the Aries unbearably selfish and insensitive.

However with true love and perseverance from both sides, the Cancerian and Aries can make a good relationship, with Cancerians loving calm nature giving the Aries the stability they need.

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