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Aries as an individual is highly energetic and adventurous, they want to reach the top and will stop at nothing. The good thing about an Aries and Aries relationship is the encouragement and support they will get from each other in their individual quests for success.

Being impulsive means the risks an Aries pair will take can also lead to their downfall.

There is always a lot of competition between two Aries. This could be a strength within the partnership if they learn to fight alongside rather than against each other. They must practice and tolerance with each other if they want to keep the peace. Each Aries will often try and dominate the other, which could lead to many disagreements often turning into explosive arguments from the quick tempered identical pairing. Fortunately for them both, neither hold a grudge for very long and their making up will be just as fierce as their fights!

Aries is not one for wasting time, they tend to jump straight into a relationship the moment their eyes meet. This can lead to a swift romance that can end as quickly as it begins. Aries is open minded as a pairing and honest with each other and those around them. They understand and respect each others need for independence. They work hard and play hard, seldom bored with each other, theirs is an exciting and thrilling partnership.

The relationship between Aries and Aries can work either way. If they can look at each others' best points and learn to tolerate the faults, they can learn to live in harmony. Aries can go far in life as a partnership and with their boundless enthusiasm and confidence they can channel their energy into a positive future.

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