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Traits: Pisces are the most gentle and patient of the signs of the zodiac. Pisces are generous and good-natured. They are sensitive and often sympathetic to others in distress.

They can also be withdrawn and lack initiative when it comes to sorting out their own problems, being more concerned with other people than themselves. They have great empathy and are forgiving and accepting towards other people and their circumstances.

Pisces are dreamers and have a tendency to live in a fantasy world. They often come across as otherworldly. They are interested in the mysterious. Pisces are intuitive, able to read people well, with some even having psychic tendencies.

Pisces hate confinement; they have the urge to travel to exotic faraway places. They are lovers of beauty and appreciate art and music, which they may have a talent for.

Pisces are the most gentle and patient of the signs of the zodiac

Career wise, Pisces are intuitive, versatile and are receptive to new ideas. Their sympathetic and caring natures makes them good nurses and vets. However being dreamers a Pisces can sometimes come across as impractical and even lazy. They are best at being creative and tend to follow a career in art, music and culture. They are excellent writers. Good architects and interested in anything to do with travel.

In relationships, the Pisces will more often give without expecting anything in return; they can be submissive and are easily misled which can cause them to become eventually disheartened and distrustful. In a partner they are more likely to be attracted to the mind and spirit rather than physical beauty. Pisces are loyal, faithful and being home lovers will commit for life.

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