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November 2013 Pisces horoscope prediction:

Romantic relationships are not at a high point for Pisces during November 2013. You might even decide you should spend a little less time together for whilst the opposition of Mars in Virgo is prominent. The direct opposition of Mars lessens as the month goes on, leaving you with more freedom of thought to get your love life back on track.

Towards the end of November 2013 you will get something of an uplift in your work related abilities. Knuckle down and work through the tasks you are set and see the results in the greater recognition you receive from the people who make a difference in your career. Try to see if there are any new opportunities to try out different skills.

You have a thoughtful way with finances at present. Do not be surprised if you are called on to give some advice to others.

Pisces is in the middle of a spiritual journey, although this month the opposition of Mars perturbs your thoughts. Don't just think about getting to pastures new, make the efforts to get out there and see the world.

The first couple of weeks in November 2013 will see more than one argument and bone of contention with certain family members. Just let this pass and try sorting out your differences later in the month.

November 2013 Pisces Summary:
Early November 2013, with Mars in Virgo directly opposing Neptune in Pisces, is a time for conflicting emotions for Pisces. The spiritual nature of Neptune in counteracted by the aggressive tendencies of Mars. On the one hand you still have your path to greater enlightenment to follow, and then there is the need to get your head out of the clouds and make physical actions your priority. At times you may feel unsure as what you should focus on in relationships and in and around the home. There is a chance you might just decide to take some time out from doing anything at all. Not the best policy.
You may be experiencing some down time in your love life. Your confidence around members of the opposite sex is quite low, including with your partner. There is nothing you lack as a lover, you just simply need to show a more positive outlook. If you are single and looking for someone new, you might be better taking a little time off looking until Mars moves a little out of direct opposition, unless you continue to smile even when you are feeling a little low. You still have the ability, you just need to find the confidence inside you.
Later in the month the direct opposition of Mars and Neptune has passed, and you will begin to feel the individual affects of the two planets on your moods and emotions. Neptune gets back to imparting it spiritual thoughts and giving you an uplift. Mars now simply shows its drive and energy on Pisces. This could be an ideal time for you to make advancement in your career. If you have the option, you should try your hand at some new and different tasks at work. If you have the option to try new positions or departments, swap between different areas of work or even move to somewhere new, November 2013 is the time to make the move. With your physical presence and thoughtful outlook you can excel at more than just your basic job.

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