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June 2012 Pisces horoscope prediction:

The thing about love is, there are no rules. Nothing is fixed. Things are never black and white. You need to accept that other peoples wants and needs will not always match your thoughts, even in the best of relationships. Use the attentive trine of Neptune in Pisces with Mercury in Cancer to find out just what makes your lover tick.

The second week in June 2012 is something of a make or break for Pisces. Your listening skills will be enhanced by the Neptune and Mercury trine, but this will soon be thrown a curveball as The Moon enters Pisces and wreaks changes during the conjunction with Uranus on June 10th. Expect some flack from the boss.

With The Sun squared away from Pisces during the first three weeks of June you may think this is not the best time for Pisces to make any long term investments, but this is not actually the case. Save any major decisions for the June 21st Entry of The Sun in to Cancer for the maximum returns.

Make plans and take a short break later this month, although if you are traveling with a member of the opposite sex then it is best to avoid being away from home on June 26th as The Moon is in conjunction with Mars in Virgo at opposition with Pisces. Sparks will fly.

Take a little time to reflect on smoothing the way at home during the first three weeks of the month. Do your best to get friends and family talking with each other as the conjunction of The Moon is in conjunction with Mars in Virgo at opposition with Pisces will cause a definite friction between the genders.

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