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July 2013 Pisces horoscope prediction:

Interesting and romantic times await you this month with your ability to understand other people's point of view under the influence of The Sun in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio against dreamy Neptune in Pisces. Expect an old familiar face to make a sudden appearance with some new ideas.

You will learn a lot from working closely with your colleagues this month, one of whom has an amazing idea that will bring good fortune.

Keep a sharp mind when it comes to making purchases, the most expensive need not be the best quality.

This is a good month for you to visit places you haven't been too for some time, this will bring you peace of mind.

You will find yourself closer than ever to a family member as you may be called upon for help which only you can give.

July 2013 Pisces Summary:
For Pisces July 2013 must be a time for you to continue on your spiritual path and make the most of the favourable alignments to get things done in and around the house, and make progress for the better in all different types of interpersonal relationships.
Around the middle of the month when The Sun in Cancer moves in to trine with Saturn in Scorpio and your incumbent Neptune in Pisces you should find an increase your ability to understand other people's point of view. It will not take long for the word to get around and you will find more and more people coming to you for advice or simply for a chat. This is actually something you can make the most of in your career. See who you can network with, and do not rule out spending a little more time working on other peoples tasks. Helping now will pay dividends in future.
If you can get any time away from home and work July 2013 is the ideal month for visiting old friends and distant family members. Get on the phone to those people you have lost contact with but want to get to know all over again. You may find some unexpected news that will be of much interest to you.

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NEW in 2013: July 2013 Pisces daily planetary chart »

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