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January 2012 Pisces horoscope prediction:

Be sure to show those close to you how much you appreciate them if you want them to stick around. If single make that special effort to show how much you care on the 5th and 6th of this month and you will be pleased with the results! Your long term relationship stability is something you are in a great position to think about this month.

Be part of the team and you will achieve greater success in your job. Everyone has something to offer in their own unique way and each should be valued and appreciated. A new career opportunity may open its doors to you on the 19th of this month, however a small sacrifice will need to be made if you accept this offer.

Keep a watchful eye on your spending this month as things can get easily out of hand. You should still enjoy your gains but just make sure that important bills and debts are paid off first. Don't be conned by any quick and easy money making scams however tempting they appear to be, especially if they are presented to you around the 12th and 13th of January as The Moon affects Mars at opposition with Pisces in Virgo.

Find the ideal travelling companion before you undertake any journey this month, conflict of interests can easily spoil a quick break. If not you will need to learn to compromise and settle any disputes beforehand.

A new look or new home is on the cards for you this month, if moving the best time would be after 12th of this month. Gather support from family and friends for you will need them to avoid getting too stressed. However everything will fall into place by the end of the month.

The continued opposition on Mars in Virgo makes January 2012 a relatively stable month overall for Pisces. This is again further boosted by the combined balance and stability afforded by Neptune just over the cusp in Aquarius and Uranus similarly positioned just over the cusp in Aries. Make the most of this time to make very long term plans about your life in general and your love life and relationships.

Beware of allowing other people to try and change your mind and push you away from your own thoughts around the 12th and 13th of January. At this time Mars in opposition could well be phased by The Moon at the same point in opposition and give those around you with ulterior motives ideas beyond their usual station.

January 2012 Pisces Summary:
January 2012 for Pisces should be something of a time for consolidation and long term thinking. With the stability provided you by the opposition and of Mars in Virgo combined with the shielding by both Uranus and Neptune in Aries and Aquarius respectively give you a very firm footing from which to start out. The main point of awareness for Pisces in January 2012 is around the 13th of the month, unlucky for some, and if you are not completely on your guard unlucky for Pisces financially. Beware the changeable Moon on this day.

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