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April 2013 Pisces horoscope prediction:

Avoid any major conflict with the opposite sex this month, it may be easier to just go with the flow and allow things to fall naturally into place. A time to also be thinking about what you want out of a relationship whether you are currently in one or not. Do what is in your own best interests.

Though you may feel you want to explode as certain person has the tendency to rub you up the wrong way, keep quiet for now. Concentrate on your own task in hand, in time and wait for a better opportunity to have your say, just be patient and you will have your day.

You will need to put a hold on your spending for the time being, though do treat yourself a little. A member of the opposite sex may try and encourage you to splash out more, learn to say no. It is your money and you have done well to earn it.

This is a good time to take a short break away from it all this month, some time in solitude may be just what you need to clear your mind and relax more. Let others know that you need some time and space to be alone, you will feel better for it.

Things have not been too easy for you as you have been under a lot of pressure but this month it will be more easier to find that inner peace you have been searching for. You have come to realise what it is you really want out of life which will help you become more content with your lot.

April 2013 Pisces Summary:
Now that The Sun and its current retinue of Venus and Mars have moved out of the way, Pisces can settle back in to their usual routine of dreams and thoughts. It is not all plain sailing for Pisces with Mercury still resonating with The Moon and your incumbent planet of Neptune.
April 7th is a case in point when The Moon is centrally between the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune. The Mercury Neptune conjunction can cause Pisces to loose sight of the goal and wonder in to unwanted territories. Add in The Moon and you change from a rational thinker in to someone unable to get things prioritised in an order that makes sense to anyone but another Pisces. Don't make any major decisions regarding your career and finances until Mercury is well out of the way. Mercury enters Aries on April 14th.
You are not the best companion at times like these, and you will be best advised just to take things easy and avoid too much confrontation. Once Mercury is out of the way you will feel a little more peaceful inside, and can get back to your usual daily routine. Take some time away from it all and recharge your batteries if you get the opportunity.

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NEW in 2013: April 2013 Pisces daily planetary chart »

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