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April 2012 Pisces horoscope prediction:

If you want the truth then you need to ask the right questions, though you may not receive the answer you were hoping for. Be true to yourself and do what you think is best for yourself and for those around you.

You have the chance to be successful this month when an opportunity arises so grasp it in both hands and whatever you do, don't let it go now. Don't allow petty squabbles to drag you down, stand your ground and stick to what you believe in.

It is up to you to keep control over your financial situation. You know your own limits, listen to the advice of others but it is down to you whether you wish to take them up on their ideas or not. A woman in blue has the answer you have been waiting for.

Go to that special place you have always dreamt of, it will do you so much good to get away from it all. Take a close friend especially if they are a Leo and plan your journey carefully so that you both get the best out of your time away.

There has been much disruption in the home recently, not least caused by yourself and your own lack of willpower. You need to make up your mind what it is you want exactly out of life and then make some positive changes. You can do it if you put your heart and soul into it.

April 2012 Pisces Summary:
Some things in life are never pleasant but you need to face up things if you want to see any improvement. Concentrate on what is important and disregard what isn't. Don't be coerced into doing something you don't want to do. It is your life and you should live it the way you choose. A short break with a close friend does gives you happiness this month.

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