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2014 shows by and large a long term balanced time for just about all Zodiac signs. There are several planets spending all of 2014 in their hosting sign. Pluto remains in Capricorn but shows its push pull light dark presence with resonances between itself and especially The Sun and Venus over a weekly basis. Neptune in Pisces adds many spiritual and dreamy thoughts when aligned with the inner planets. Uranus in Aries allows a greater growth when it comes in to certain planetary aspects. Saturn in Scorpio leads us all to look deep in to our soul and psyche. Jupiter stays in Leo until July 2014 before moving in to Leo and ending some of the darker aspects with Pluto. Mars begins the year and remains in Libra until July before taking its excitement to more than just one Zodiac sign. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus continue their regular day by day and week by week movement around the 12 signs.

Monthly horoscope forecasts for 2014:

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