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Traits: Libra is elegant and charming, kind and gentle. They like peace and harmony. They seek the finer things in life and like to surround themselves with beautiful things and can even become self indulgent and extravagant.

Librans are sensitive to the emotional needs of others; they are optimistic and have the ability to show others a more positive outlook in life, which many find so appealing in the Libra. Librans constantly seek approval of others and dislike being criticised, however they are on the whole well balanced individuals.

Libra is elegant and charming

In relationships Librans can be romantic and sentimental towards their partners. They are also empathetic and tolerant towards their partners' failings. They will do anything to maintain a good relationship and are good at making people feel good about themselves. They will avoid conflict and will try to understand the others point of view to the extent they will often back down rather than cause an argument. However, though seldom angry, the Libran is also known to fly into a sudden rage.

Librans appear to have changeable personalities and can be seen as frivolous and indecisive, they tend to be laid back until they are provoked into taking action, usually to fight any injustice, which they hate with passion. They despise mindless violence and brutality.

In their chosen career a Libran will either be modestly content or extremely ambitious, they are usually successful in business being good diplomats.

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