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Libra in love: Truth and justice in love.

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The Libra lover positive traits:

The Libra Lover negative traits:

Libra is in love with being in love. Libra are always searching for the ideal lover. When in love they will enjoy wining, dining and romancing. Libra knows how to charm other signs with their outgoing and positive outlook of life. When in love they will often overlook a partners shortcomings and concentrate on the good aspects of a relationship.

Libra will do everything they can to please their partner but they expect to be doted on in return. You can expect full support and loyalty when in love with a Libra. Libra can be terrified of being alone and if they feel the relationship is about to end will try different ways to reconcile with their partner. However if they are rejected, Libra will feel demoralised and devalued and will quickly search for a replacement for a new lover.

Libra is kind and sensitive to their partners needs, they have the knack of making others feel good about themselves and will bring out the best in their partner. Libra will listen to your point of view before offering their own, though they have the tendency to back down just to keep the peace.

You can expect kindness and sensitivity when in love with a Libra, they have the knack of making their partner feel good about themselves. Libra is friendly and welcoming however will react badly if they feel they are being treated unfairly and dislike any form of criticism.

Libra are sensual lovers and appear to be confident in the bedroom yet they are easily influenced by physical aspects and can become insecure and uncertain about their own sexuality. Libra needs constant reassurance that their partner finds them sexually attractive or they will become sullen and withdrawn.

Libra men are masters of seduction, you will know straight away when a Libra man falls for you. He will not hold back and will whisk you off your feet in the blink of an eye. Libra men also tend to be highly ambitious and will expect you to support him every step of the way. However they are just as equally as loving and supportive to their partners in return.

Libra women will always put her partners needs first. Family life is very important and she will concentrate on making her house a home. Libra women can become emotionally dependent on their partners and need to feel loved. Libra women also expect their partners to share responsibilities and have the same values as themselves.

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