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January 2012 Libra horoscope prediction:

There is little you can do if someone close to you has a change of heart. Forget past hurts, put it behind you and begin this year by making a fresh start, there are still many things that you have yet to discover in this world. Expect a new friendship to form at the end of this month as restrictive Saturn eases up on your inner feelings.

Make a choice on what you want to achieve the most and once you have you made a final decision, stick to it. Work on your weaknesses as well as your strengths if you want to succeed. By setting a good example for others to follow in your footsteps you will soon set the stage for further success. By next month as Saturn moves towards the cusp Scorpio a brand new future will be opened up for you.

You have needed to tighten your belt in the past but this month you will be able to spend a bit more on those little luxuries you have had your eye on. Enjoy yourself but make sure you still have enough money left for any emergency that may crop up. An Aries man has a surprise that will soon increase your cashflow even more.

Hold off any travel plans this month until you are sure what it is you want exactly. You may end up regretting any hasty trips. You have plenty of time to think things through carefully and when you do you will come up with a better idea. The number 5 features very strongly in any plans you might make.

Forget past mistakes and blaming others, instead look to the future and see what you can do to improve family relations. Try listening to what others have to say and learning to compromise and you will be able to turn your home into a happy one for all. This month gives you the chance to do just that particularly on the 10th and 11th of this month as The Sun and The Moon are at squared opposition with Libra.

Throughout January 2012 the restrictions you have felt for the last few months will ease as Saturn moves closer and closer to the cusp with Scorpio. You will receive something of a preview of future freedoms on January 7th as sextile of Mercury in Sagittarius with Saturn in Libra will give you the inner strength to make some positive moves.

You are still feeling a little constrained by the influences of Saturn in Libra. This will be the most powerful at the beginning of January 2012. There may well be a dip in your feelings around the 10th of January, with The Sun and The Moon at squared opposition with Libra, but this will be only a crisis of confidence inside, that if you are ready and waiting for you can positively deal with.

January 2012 Libra Summary:
For Libra, January 2012 may well start off quite slowly, but as each day passes you will find the influences of the planets become more and more in your favor. Take each opportunity of respite from the restrictive Saturn, especially during the sextile of Mercury in Sagittarius on January 7th. By the end of the month you will see you have more than enough inner strength to deal with life's issues, and you will look back and wonder what all of your internal fuss was about!

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