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April 2013 Libra horoscope prediction:

April 2013 is a time when Libra can best make progress in romance by taking a step back. You are under a scrutiny in your love life, and anything that you do that is not perfect in the eyes of your partner will be questioned. You will have to wait until after The Sun, Venus and Mars are no longer in opposition to Libra on April 20th before you can make some positive moves.

Don't worry unduly about making a big impression this month. There is too much focus on you for you to take too big a chance on your career. Settle back and just get the job done quietly as you will get more chances to impress over the coming months.

Don't be too tempted to splash out early in the month. You will be in a much better position to make decisions about your finances once you are no longer under the focus of everyone around. Wait until after April 20th and the lessening opposition to Libra.

Although you will have an urge to get away from everything, April 2013 is not an ideal month for Libra to make big plans. You need to make sure you have the full agreement of those close to you before committing to anything, and that won't happen any time this month.

You will be right in the middle of everything this month, and not in a positive way. There ill be disagreements heading your way that you will have to deal with, even though April is not a good one for interpersonal relationships for Libra. Do not take sides, let other people work things out for themselves.

April 2013 Libra Summary:
April 2013 is certainly a time when Libra must tread lightly with those close by. In many ways this month sees a continuation of last month's glaring focus of planetary opposition, but more increasingly the issue is your ability to get along with friends, family and colleagues. With so much in Aries at opposition to Libra, it is time to look at yourself and see if you can make a bit more of things. Do you need to work harder in interpersonal relationships?
The opposition conjunction of Venus and Mars on April 7th will be a day to avoid if there are any previous male female matters to resolve. Members of the opposite sex who have issue with you will definitely sense an opportunity to get one over on you. The only way to deal with this is to completely blank you way out of things. Do not rise to the bait at all. Let the moment pass.
You may feel the urge to get your own back a few days later on April 10th as The Moon passes through the area of Venus and Mars, but do not let this get the better of you. This is the day of the New Moon in Aries, a time when you are under the full glare of The Sun. If you get things wrong you will have to explain your mistake to an extreme inquisition.
Once April 20th comes, and The Sun, Venus and Mars are no longer in opposition, you can settle back a lot and wonder what all the fuss was about. With only Mercury and Uranus remaining at opposition in Aries you can be assured your thoughts are all your own.

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