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April 2012 Libra horoscope prediction:

This month events will occur that are beyond your control. It is up to you to make a decision to stay and weather the storm or just to simply walk away. In the end it may be best to trust your gut instinct and act accordingly.

This is a good month for new and exciting career opportunities. You have never had it so good, so relax and enjoy the benefits that you will gain from your hard work. Just don't allow small minded people to hold you back.

As your career status improves, you will benefit financially, do take the time to treat yourself. However don't be tempted to buy things you really don't need, it is easy to go overboard and you will end up back where you started, in bad debt.

You may be required to make a short journey to sort out financial matters. Don't worry as this will soon be resolved, make sure you take with you important documents and that you record any transactions that you make on your trip.

You must learn to compromise if you want to settle disputes between family members. Everyone has their own ideas and own way of doing things, as soon as you come to realise and understand other peoples point of view then things will start to settle down.

April 2012 Libra Summary:
You have never had it so good, learn to appreciate and be grateful for what you have at present or you may find it soon drifting away. Open up your heart and mind and listen to what others are telling you, though in the end it is entirely up to you to make the final decision. A short journey made by yourself this month will be of benefit to you financially.

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