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Traits: The Leo is a dominant and strong character, full of self-confidence and independent. They love to make their presence known and enjoy being in the spotlight. Leos are devoted to what they believe in and will follow tenaciously practices other people may think of as out of date.

Leos are idealistic, humane and intelligent they are also courageous and will nearly always speak their mind. Leos are arrogantly proud and are very protective of their own reputation. They can sometimes come across as self-centred, overbearing and intolerant of others views which doesn't always make them popular. However many are attracted to the wit and charm of the Leo and despite their fiery temper they seldom hold a grudge.

Leo is a dominant and strong character

Leo love their luxuries, loving to live in grandeur and will never settle for second best. Leos have a strong urge for power and in their chosen career will strive to be on top and they have the intelligence and stamina to get there. They are good organizers and they like to take charge.

In a relationship they are open, sincere and genuine. They are also trusting and warm hearted. They will very often speak their mind however this can get them into trouble from time to time. Leos are not always a good judge of character but they are generous, trusting and warm hearted towards their partners.

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