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March 2012 Leo horoscope prediction:

March 2012 will a very routine time in the love life of the Leo. Sometimes however, Leo needs a little challenge in their relationships to break them away of the usual. Leo expects to shine, and so those times, like the days around March 5th 2012 when you will have The Moon in Leo completely bombarded from all sides by planetary alignments, you will be very much in the shade romantically. Do not expect to get your own way or win any arguments for a few days. It won't happen for Leo around this time. And then back to the routine.

March 2012 is a time when you must knuckle down and get your work done to the best of your ability, even though you will not get any special recognition. You may well have to put any big ambitions on hold for another month.

A bright and optimistic time for Leo financially when the rewards for hard work and frugality in the previous few months can be reaped. Take it steady though, as optimism for Leo could well spell over in to a little blow out that could set you back. Be especially weary around March 21st 2012 when The Moon comes in to conjunction with your ruling Sun at the cusp of Pisces and Aries.

The steady calm of most of March 2012, once the Lunar alignments of March 5th are out of the way, make Leo an ideal travel companion. Expect to be invited somewhere special towards the middle of the month when the combined affects of The Sun and The Moon will be at the weakest for Leo, and you can simply be yourself and enjoy your away days.

Don't let the eruptions faced by Leo around the March 5th 2012 lunar alignments, when a lot of negative energy is focussed on Leo, tempt you in to making a rash decision at the behest of a certain Pisces female. They are taking advantage of your ruling Sun to try and make your mind up for you. Relax, wait a week or so, and remember it is your home too.

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