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The Leo Woman:

The Leo woman has a sex appeal and knows how to use it. She will be elegant and well dressed at all times as she always wants to look her best in case she bumps in to someone she sees as important. She likes to show her class and wants others to see her this way too.

image of the leo woman

The Leo woman is never backward in coming forward and will speak her mind as and when she pleases. She has a need for excitement and is happy to enter in to risky situations where others might think twice.

Leo woman are generous in both their deeds and gestures and are happy to give out praise where it is due. They treat the people they meet warmly without expecting anything in return. The giving is where the pleasure is.

Leo woman are always courteous and will often use this as a way of getting her own way. She knows what she wants and can easily work towards her own goals in life and is confident enough in her own abilities to do this without calling on the help of others.

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