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Traits: Gemini is a complex sign, being twins they often show two different sides of their personality, on the good side this makes them able to see other points of view other than their own, they are good sympathetic listeners however this trait also makes them fickle, changing their minds constantly.

Gemini are lively happy-go-lucky, very versatile but are also able to adapt to any situation thrown at them. Being highly inquisitive they are eager to try anything new and will show enthusiasm in almost anything but can also get bored very quickly, they will often skip to one job to the next leaving many unfinished tasks behind them.

Geminis take almost nothing seriously and are least likely to hold a grudge against someone. As companions they are courteous, thoughtful, kind, they dislike seeing anyone else suffering. Gemini is a friendly sign and they love a good conversation however they are also prone to gossip. They often seek out out-going, lively, confident people with a positive outlook on life.

Gemini is a complex sign

Career wise, Geminis usually end up in jobs that involve working with other people. They work best as part of a team. They dislike routine mundane tasks and will enjoy a job that offers change and variety. They will take on almost any task with enthusiasm and can be imaginative and creative but they will usually need encouragement and motivation to stick to it.

Though Gemini love being adventurous and like trying out anything new and different they also crave a little more stability and security in their hectic lives. Gemini, being adaptable and versatile do have the ability to be faithful, loyal and affectionate to their chosen partner.

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