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The Gemini lover positive traits:

The Gemini Lover negative traits:

Gemini has the ability to charm their way into people's hearts and minds. Being very sociable and entertaining, Gemini finds it easy to make friends. However for Gemini it takes longer to find true love in their quest to find the perfect soul mate. As well as wanting thrills and adventure in a relationship, Gemini also craves security and stability. Gemini will date a wide variety of people before choosing their partner for life.

Gemini in love can sometimes appear to be cool and distant towards their partner but that is because they are usually deep in thought, they prefer to think hard before they act accordingly to any situation. Gemini despise impulsiveness though they can possess this very trait themselves. Gemini also has a nervous disposition, which they hide very well but they do enjoy new experiences and show enthusiasm in almost everything.

The twins in Gemini often show conflicting sides to the Gemini personality, leaving the partner of Gemini confused and unsure of their true feelings. Though loving and caring towards their partner, Gemini will often hide any strong feelings until they know their partner is genuine and sincere. Gemini would rather suppress their emotions than to show others how easily hurt they can be. They love to have their personal freedom but also can become emotionally dependent.

Love and sex are both equally important to Gemini in a relationship and they will not have one without the other. Gemini loves to be thrilled and excited but don't forget to show warmth and compassion too. Gemini will never just have sex just for the sake of doing it. Sexy talk and plenty of foreplay is a big turn on for Gemini.

A Gemini man will have very strong deep feelings for his partner but can sometimes find it hard to express himself. The best way to find out his true feelings is to sit down and have a long conversation and listen to what he has to say. Trying to dominate him or talking endlessly about your own personal problems will only cause him to become bored and restless. Gemini men are motivated and stimulated by lively out going women.

Offer a Gemini woman emotional security as well as personal freedom to be what she wants to be and you will win her heart faster. Gemini women seek faithfulness and loyalty in a partner. Gemini women despise over demanding over bearing men and will run a mile at the first sign of possessiveness. The worse thing you can do is deliberately make a Gemini woman jealous as this will make her explode with rage, not because she is jealous by nature but more so that she hates mind games.

If things are not going well, Gemini's relationships can end with Gemini becoming bored and impatient with their partner, however if it is their partner who ends the relationship, Gemini will feel rejected and deeply insecure. However Gemini has an easy come easy go attitude in life and it won't be long before they start afresh with somebody new, hopefully that perfect partner they were seeking originally.

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