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January 2012 Gemini horoscope prediction:

Relax and stop worrying about what might or might not happen during January 2012! You will be at your most content romantically particularly around the 18th once The Moon passes The North Node at opposition with Gemini in Sagittarius and you allow things to run their course. Make clear to your loved one what your real intentions are so that they also understand what your true feelings are.

Don't feel pressurised into taking on more responsibility than you feel you are capable of handling. It is you who will land into hot water if things go pear shaped. You know what your strengths and weaknesses are. A Sagittarius woman has some new ideas that may open up new opportunities to further your career.

You may need to make a couple of sacrifices in order to improve your financial situation this month. Though don't panic as something will happen that will turn things to your advantage. Listen carefully to the advice of a Capricorn man towards the end of January, for they only have your best interests at heart.

It's never too late to make plans for that trip you are desperate to embark on. Don't be afraid to be adventurous and daring, especially if you take advantage of the square of The Sun in Capricorn with Saturn in Libra on January 19th 2012, you will not regret it. A close friend would be an ideal companion and you know just who that person is.

Declutter your home by getting rid of everything that is no longer of any use to you, a little bit of redecoration won't go amiss either. You will soon notice the difference and it will lift your spirits too. Seek help from close friends, two heads are better than one.

An unusual square of The Sun in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra on January 19th will be the most useful day of the month for Gemini. At this point the erratic effects of Saturn are completely opposed and the positive energy of this square is completely focused on you. Make the most of this opportunity and plan big on this day.

January 2012 begins for Gemini with The North Node at opposition in Sagittarius and also at sextile with Venus in Aquarius. This will definitely lead you to question where your life is going and what the new year will bring, and you can be sure your conclusions on this day will not be positive. But this is only one day, and something you can be aware will happen and be able to put to the back of your mind the very next day.

January 2012 Gemini Summary:
For Gemini January 2012 is one on conflicting fortunes. The month starts with the planets very much set against anything but negative thoughts, but this is only for one day. Appreciate how fleeting the negative feelings inside will be, and you can actually relax and embrace the new year rather than feel oppressed by the situation. Even on January 2nd the oppressive forces will have passed! In fact there are times during January that will lend themselves directly in your favour, especially when it comes to making big plans for the rest of the year. Make a mental note of January 18th for your love life January and then 19th and the particularly favorable square for Gemini of The Sun in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra. The focus of this day is definitely a positive for you.

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