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The Gemini Woman:

The Gemini woman is always light on her feet and quick to react to a new situation. Her stare will often keep a man in his place long enough for her to get her own way. At the same time she can be both charming and persuasive.

image of the gemini woman

The many and varied interests of Gemini women often make them restless in relationships. They can take a long time to find the right partner as they seek true romance and not the quick fling. She will notice every detail in a potential suitor and will not be happy is she perceives too many personality flaws.

Gemini woman want to have a genuine career of their own rather than being a home maker, and their wide ranging skills mean they can excel in a variety of work choices.

Above all Gemini woman are lively conversationalists and like nothing more than a good chat with friends old and new. Her many ideas and experiences will keep other people captivated, and the different facets of her personality will keep the chat flowing for hours whilst still showing a real interest in what others have to say.

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