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December 2013 Gemini horoscope prediction:

December 2013 Gemini Summary:
December 2013 is something of a contrast of fortunes for Gemini. Planetary aspects are well balanced, providing you with some very positive times to look forward to, but this is tempered by the fact The Sun is at opposition, leaving you open to the glare of others.
You must completely guard against anything that could be misconstrued by some. Be completely open and honest in all different forms of relationships with others, or there will be untoward consequences for you. Do not do anything romantically that could be seen by your partner to be anything less than for the good of your romance. Be especially weary of speaking to members of the opposite sex in any way that could be seen as flirtatious as your partner will come to know about it and will want to know just what is going on. If you simply avoid anything that might be turned against you, your partner will appreciate your efforts.
In the workplace your career is better advanced by simply getting on well with your own job rather than seeking out any new horizons. There is too big a change someone will be out to push you down. Keep to the task and show people just how good you are at what you do and things will turn out positively.
Provided you avoid any controversial subjects in your conversations and interactions, Gemini is ideally placed for a positive December 2013. Once The Sun moves out of direct opposition with Gemini on December 21st you can relax a little out of the full on glare of all.

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