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April 2013 Gemini horoscope prediction:

April 2013 is a positive month for Gemini on the romance front. If you are single and looking, the presence of Jupiter in Gemini away from too many outside influences adds an air of confidence to you when speaking to members of the opposite sex. Don't try too hard but concentrate on being a good friend and it its meant to be more will follow. If you are already part of a couple your partner will respond well to your inner confidence in love.

It is time to put your ideas in to practice in the work place. You are in a strong position to make new projects work, and if the opportunity arises to on more responsibility too. Do not be shy about things, show them what you can do. Late in the month you may have some people try and deflect you from the task, but you are above this.

You can make some good investments this month if you have some cash to spare. Savings are good and there are plenty of opportunities to enhance your income too.

Spend the first few weeks of April 2013 making plans for the rest of the year. Your family and friends will be on your side and easily persuaded that your ideas are best. If you are in the position to afford a major vacation, then don't delay, book something.

With such a positive month around the home you should get friend and family on your side for any big projects you want to begin. Don't let any petty arguments between them put you off your track and get things completed.

April 2013 Gemini Summary:
Another positive month to be a Gemini. The long term presence of Jupiter continues to add an ability for Jupiter to pursue even higher ideals and achievements than in recent months. By now you should be well on the way to making he most of any career options in work. If you have any major ideas that you think would be good for your job then let let colleagues know your ideas. Not everyone will be on your side, as other people will always have their own agenda, but you need people to know you mean business.
The main period of April when things will not go all your way is around the Lunar Transit starting on April 13th 2013. The growing proximity of The Sun and the inner planets is now beginning to affect the authority of Jupiter in Gemini. On the 13th of the month as The Moon arrives you will feel some changes coming your way that you may not be fully in control of. Over the next few days as The Moon moves through Gemini it is also squared by Mercury in Aries. Your power to achieve is lowered, and with increasing rapidity you will need to deflect away some negative vibes that others are sending your way for no other reason than your current good fortune. Do not allow this to get in the way of your romantic relationships, or put you off your career moves.
Things will settle for Gemini once these transits have passed.

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NEW in 2013: April 2013 Gemini daily planetary chart »

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