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April 2012 Gemini horoscope prediction:

You feel that there is a wide gap between you and a loved one but the only way to get any closer is for you to both openly communicate with each other more often. It is important that you both make your feelings loud and clear if you wish to see any improvement in your relationship.

Your career is suffering only because you have neglected to take up any opportunity to further your prospects. Don't listen to those negative, doubting thoughts, instead look at your best points and work hard at them and you will soon achieve the success you have always dreamed of.

Don't be envious of people having more money than you, yes they may be able to afford all those little luxuries that you can only dream of but if you dig deeper are they really that happy? You have everything you need already right under your very nose.

If you have any opportunity to get away this month then take it, don't worry about minor details. Just get going and cherish each moment of the time spent with a loved one. You will both reap the benefits of a romantic break.

Things will slowly start to improve on the home front now you know what it is you want. Make sure you stick to your decisions and don't allow yourself to backtrack. Relationships will improve with family members as you learn to compromise.

April 2012 Gemini Summary:
You will only see any improvement as long as you put in more effort. Make a list of things to do this month, the most important being at the top, then work your way down. Don't be disheartened by minor mishaps as you are near the end of the road, soon the days of struggling and turmoil will end and you will be right where you want to be, happy at last.

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