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Traits: Capricorn is one of the most stable zodiac signs; they are independent and confident often appearing unemotional and calm. However they can also be moody, ranging between ecstatic happiness to misery. Capricorns are strong willed and will persevere to accomplish their goals in life.

They set high standards for themselves and expect it from others; they also demand respect and self-discipline. They usually put family and work before their own needs. They are also pretty much self-sufficient.

Capricorn are intellectuals and deep thinkers; they like to explore all possibilities before reaching a conclusion. They have a great thirst for knowledge. Rational and logical thinking, they love to debate. Capricorns, though quiet and reserved, can also be surprisingly witty, however they can also be flippant at times which they need to have more control over.

Capricorn are intellectuals and deep thinkers

As career choices, Capricorn's excel in business and finance, they also make good teachers and their creative side makes them lovers of music and art. As Capricorn's like to keep very much to themselves, their colleagues can sometimes find them somewhat reserved, shy and conservative. Capricorns are careful planners and are able to work on several projects at once.

In relationships the Capricorn can be wary and cautious around people they don't know very well, they have the tendency to be withdrawn. They do not forgive easily and can be bitter and powerful enemies. They are slow to commit and are more likely to have a few good friends than a wide circle. However, those they are friends with, they will show the utmost loyalty towards. Once they have chosen the right partner they will be faithful and true for life.

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