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November 2012 Capricorn horoscope prediction:

This month you may be a little confused about what how you really feel. This may not be a good time to be making any final decisions. Take your time, there is no need to take any action just yet. Look towards the future rather than what is happening in the present day.

At times you appear to be in an uphill struggle with your lot. Instead of being disheartened, think about what your long term goal is going to be. Work towards that and you will have a reason to keep motivated. Mind how you approach other people this month, particularly members of the opposite sex, someone may be offended by an ill thought out comment.

Don't be tempted to splash out on luxury items this month. You would do well to save up for something far bigger and better in the near future, you know what you have got your eye on. This can be yours if you are sensible with your money.

This month you have a problem with itchy feet, you have so much to do and explore. Take a few days off for yourself, this will be of great benefit to your own health and peace of mind. Some things can just take care of themselves, be selfish for a change.

Not everyone beats to the same drum as you, listen to what others are saying and do your best to accommodate but don't forget to take care of your own interests as well. You are just as important as anyone else. However do try to hold back any ill feelings at this moment as anything you say can be take out of context.

November 2012 Capricorn Summary:
November 2012 begins with The Moon coming in to opposition on November 4th, a time when Capricorn is not as forthcoming with their feelings. Quite soon after this, Mars enters Capricorn and comes towards conjunction with Pluto. The usual depths of thought Pluto in Capricorn offers will be rearranged and your thoughts about members of the opposite sex will become very shallow indeed. Take care not to offend anyone with ill thought out comments whilst you are under this influence which increases to a maximum on November 27th 2012. With Jupiter in Scorpio in sextile with Mars and Pluto late in November, there will be the additional problem of Capricorn feeling somewhat restless with their lot. You must take care not to think to grand thoughts on what you can and cannot archive in the short term. The greatest challenges in life come from deeper appreciation of how to reach your long term goals. If it is worth doing. it is worth taking the time to get it right.

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