May 2011 Capricorn monthly horoscope forecast

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May 2011 Capricorn horoscope forecast:

Your love life is becoming easy for you, you are receiving an abundance of love from others, be sure to return it back.

Right now you have the advantage over others in your career, the opportunity for you to succeed is now within your reach.

You may have been struggling in the past to afford those little luxuries but this month you will finally get what you have longed for.

You may not feel ready to travel anywhere on your own, take with you a loyal and trustworthy friend.

Your home is a source of comfort to you, surround yourself with family and close friends to make it complete.

May 2011 Capricorn Summary:
Everything appears to be going your way this month. People are recognising your talents and learning to appreciate what you have to offer. Enjoy your good fortune but remember to also spend quality time with loved ones. The influence of your ruling planet of Saturn in Virgo throughout this month allows time to sit back and reflect quietly whenever you have some time to yourself.

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