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Capricorn in love: Patience of heart.

Opposite sign - Cancer
Perfect match - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The Capricorn lover positive traits:

The Capricorn Lover negative traits:

Capricorn is not naturally flirtatious in manner, but they have a strong sexual allure that other signs find so appealing. Capricorn can be withdrawn and appear to be shy towards the opposite sex and will approach you with caution, but once they fall in love there is no stopping them.

Capricorn can be slow to commit at the start of a relationship, they need to feel secure with just how genuine and sincere their partners feelings are towards them before they will think about settling down. Home and family play an important role in the life of a Capricorn and they will expect their partner to put these first and foremost above all else.

You can expect loyalty and the utmost consideration when in love with a Capricorn. Capricorn likes to be taken seriously. They prefer total commitment rather than casual affairs. It takes a Capricorn a long time to admit failure in a relationship however if they themselves are betrayed they will end the relationship quickly, never to return again. A Capricorn can also become vengeful and vindictive if under a personal attack which they feel is unjustified.

Love and sex go hand in hand and are both as equally important to a Capricorn. Capricorn can't have one without the other. They thrive on the strong bond that forms between them and their lover and will seek to give as well as take total satisfaction.

Capricorn men seek women who will support them in their goals and dreams. A Capricorn man likes to feel needed and will be protective towards his partner. A Capricorn man will always back his loved one up whether they are right or wrong.

Capricorn women seek stability and security in a partner. They appreciate hard work and can be ambitious, building a career for themselves as well as preparing a secure and steady home for herself and her family.

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