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June 2012 Capricorn horoscope prediction:

Quite often in the current transit, when other planetary alignment effects are lessened, Pluto in Capricorn comes back to the fore and the practicality of life ensues. Lovers and partners with contrasting signs to Capricorn can often become frustrated with you, as matters of the heart do not depend on practical or logical solutions. You may find yourself at odds with your lover throughout the month as June 2012 is one of those otherwise quiet times for Capricorn. Apart that is, when on June 6th The Moon is in conjunction with Pluto, and simultaneously trined with, of all things, The Sun, Venus and Mercury in Gemini. There are going to be arguments, best set your calendar forward a day and pretend June 6th 2012 does not exist!

The same traits afforded by the Pluto Capricorn transit that frustrate Capricorn's lover, are more than welcomed in the work place. People rely on your steadying influence when others are losing their way and deadlines are approaching. Best not make any major project decisions for a few days around the June 6th Sun and Moon conjunctions however.

June 2012 is definitely a time for consolidation for Capricorn. The steady nature of this month is something of an asset. Expect friends and family to call on you for money advice around June 21st as The Sun enters Cancer.

Take the unusual opposition of Mercury in Cancer with Pluto in Capricorn on June 12 to make your travel plans for late in the month. It may be short notice to book a major vacation, but the influence of Mercury on this day will make any traveling companions much easier to mould to your will.

For Capricorn as the head of the household, June 2012 is a time when you can call on family and friends to join together under your steadying influence and make progress on any big jobs in the house. Decorating, house clearance or a home move for example, will run much more smoothly this month, especially if you plan on completing the tasks after the June 21st Cancer Solar ingress.

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